Glass box extension – modern home design

We all want things to be easy, look simple yet elegant. The choice for glass as building material has been in use for many centuries. We all like glass – glass for doors, glass for windows, glass for walls and glass for canopy etc. Internally we prefer glass for balustrade, stairs, partition screen, bathroom shower cabin etc.


Using glass for house extension is very common. Below are some examples where glass is installed closure to its natural feel – Glass Box Extension.

Glass box extension – 








3 things to be mindful before you decide to use glass.

  1. It’s not easy to clean – although some companies claims they sell self clean glass, as much it sound perfect but its NOT really a self cleaning glass. You do have to clean them regularly.
  2. It’s vulnerable to impact. That’s true, even the toughened glass are vulnerable to impact.
  3. Not easy to install. You will need specialist contractor to undertake the works.

Considering all these points, you may still decide to build a glass box extension, however, the third point leads to your budget decisions. Any specialist work means additional cost, and you do not want to compromise. These workmen  are expensive but they know what they are doing, hence you pay the price.

3 things you can do to minimise cost

  1. Source glass direct from the manufacturers
  2. Bargain around to get the best deal
  3. Buy them in bulk – get the full design done and place order for all your glass requirements in one go from one place.

You could further reduce cost by using a qualified designer, example, Architect.

Architects are specialist in building design. They will help you plan your home extension better, and also help you specify right building materials to comply with local building regulation.

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