Find Architectural Designers fee quote from our Premium Members for FREE is a revolutionary search engine to find expert architectural designers near you for small or large scale building projects. It can help you to find architectural experts in your town* with just one click. It helps you get no obligation fee quote from our premium members. No boring form filling or guilty phone calls, just few information regarding your upcoming project and wallah FindArchitect does it all for you.

*architectural experts in your town is subject to availability of tradesmen in our record and also membership registration with us.

We can also avail quotations from non premium members however this service is chargeable for small admin fee. If you have any question please contact us via email.

How does FindArchitect work? works on the same principle as rest of the industry works – networking. FindArchitect is building good association network with architects all around UK. Their contact details are registered in our database and linked with your postcode. As soon you put your postcode, the Artificial Intelligence of the website helps match local professionals with your requirements based on background experiences and level of membership and our T&Cs. The system then request to send you their best fee quote. Simple as it sound!

Does Find Architect charge fee for its service?

No, FindArchitect dont charge fee to its users. We believe in the principle that information should be available to everyone at free of cost. I hope others follow the suite. However, we do have premium membership which provide premium members first access to your requirements and also we act as agent to ensure you receive their best fee quote.


How many architectural firms are registered with FindArchitect?

FindArchitect have over 200 architectural firms in our database.  We are working to get more professionals in database.

North London, South London, East London, West London, Central London, Greater London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Sussex.

Haringey, Islington, Brent, Enfield, Hackney, Camden, Tower Hamlet, Southwark, Ealing, Wembley, Richmond.

ARB, RIBA, IIA, COA, AII – registered individuals also on our system.

If you need full list of architects registered with RIBA then you should access their details using website –

We have no association with RIBA and we dont use their name to our benefit. We just provide service to act as an agent to avail you best quotation from our premium members for your requirements. We encourage you to do full market research before you decide to pursue with our member’s fee quotations.

The professionals in our data base are from various background and expertise, they are not all RIBA or ARB registered. We source their contact manually by looking for details from various sources including Google, Bing, Yellow Pages and direct phone calls etc.


Home Extension – Loft Conversion – New Build – Planning Permission – Building Control – Specification and Tender.


We all wish for a dream house. The reality is that the type of house we dream about does not exist anywhere with its fullness. Hence why people embark on a special journey to build their own home from scratch. As much it sounds interesting but the process could be very stressful, 30% of new build home build plan stalls due to lack of funding, they take years to fully complete and sometimes put on market before completion. Not all the cases are dreadful, there are some clearly a winner. Below are some examples where grand designs completed with eye watering selling price, yes over millions…

‘Sugar Cube’
2006 Grand Design winner
Renovated water works
A Venetian style water tower

Images from respective websites and all rights reserve as original.

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